What should you be doing currently if you want to be successful in the June exams and also in exams generally?
Suggestions from those who’ve been there

1 Just research study, do not postpone. #RepeatAdvice @SueBo_

2 Put away the laptop. Obtain your parents to hide the battery so you won’t be lured. @paddykell

3 Formulate a reasonable schedule. Short, frequent study sessions. You need to be doing more than your research.

4 Organise on your own. It’s never too late. Clear notes, tidy folders. Do not tension yourself out. @Orlaith_Farrell

5 Do not prioritise any kind of one topic. All topics need to obtain equal time. Allow 2 hours each weekend break for every subject and also around 30-40 minutes per night for researching what was covered on that particular day in the classroom.

6 Print primary inspectors’ records for your subjects. They give example responses which you can utilize as a guide for addressing style. #studytips, @NatashaLynchEF

7 Just how much time do you spend on the internet? Half-an-hour in the early morning, a hr at night? Everything accumulates. 2 hours a day is 14 per week, 56 monthly. Visualize if you were to spend simply half of that modifying.

8 Less late evenings. The most awful point you can do at the weekends is invest the whole evening up, and also the entire day in bed. Attempt to reach bed by 1am at the latest on weekends, and rise early.

9 Split up work with a buddy, then meet up, photocopy each other’s notes, instruct each other what you found out. #studybuddy, @NatashaLynchEF

10 Reading a publication isn’t examining– it’s reading a book. Set a target: “I will certainly revise this subject for 45 minutes”. Take notes as you go. Put away guides. Do an examination question. Since’s study.

11 Obtain acquainted with the format of the exam paper. Some documents are difficult and also difficult guidelines might throw you on the day.

12 Do not reduce way too many edges. Every year trainees arise ravaged because they paid attention to rumours about what was coming up. The reality is anything can turn up. The documents are developed to be unpredictable.

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13 Document your revision notes on a dictaphone, download and install onto your phone, revise on the move. #studytips, @NatashaLynchEF

14 Understand what you’re researching– or a minimum of try. Rephrase in your very own words when possible. Pupils who do well in tests do not just vomit up truths, they demonstrate actual understanding.

15 Keep the CAO in mind. Students often tend to forget what they put down on their CAO kinds in the rush to study for the Leaving Cert. It’s no injury to keep thinking of what program you want to do, and also maintain investigating various locations. @paddykell

16 Do not talk about what research you’re doing as well as don’t pay attention to other people about what they’re doing. Lots of individuals lie about what they’re doing or not doing. The naturally great close friend who did nothing however somehow took care of a B1 in the mocks is probably informing fibs regarding how difficult they’re working.

17Eat! Gruel can be perfectly edible with some small adjustments. Some fast ones consist of putting delicious chocolate chips, bananas, peanut butter, and even molasses and strawberries on it. It takes the notion of inedible slop away and also maintains you going all morning. @ClareReidy1

18 My friends as well as I began our own unpopular fad of dunking Nature Valley bars into yogurt pots, which I recognize audios nauseous to some people, however it obtained us with. @ClareReidy1

19 Have something to divert your interest: being entirely focused on a few days in June at this stage will certainly fry your mind.

20 Exercise. Do not study any type of later than 10pm, as well as if you can discover the power, choose a walk. It releases endorphins in your mind that make you really feel great concerning on your own, and also it clears your head after hours of studying. @paddykell

21 Peanut butter cups and chocolate bars with nuts are great brain food, and also habit forming also. @ClareReidy1

22 Keep the tests in point of view. None of the following points will certainly be dictated by just how you perform in the Leaving Cert: where you live, that you wed, how frequently you marry, how many icecreams you consume in your life time; your total health and wellness and also health; the number of rocks that work their means into your footwear resulting in you repetitively hopping around on one foot to eliminate them; the quantity of love in your life.


23 Regarding 75 per cent of Junior Cert and 55 percent of Leaving Cert English is totally undetected until you open the paper. That does not imply you can not study for the test. You are learning skills rather than rote-learning info.

24 Read, read, check out. If you don’t review extensively, you’ll never come to be a great author.

25 Learn quotes from your messages. Tape-record them onto your smartphone or iPod as well as pay attention on the way into institution.

26 Don’t discover essays off by heart. If you’re composing a narrative, have some examples of characterisation and establishing all set to adapt to your title. Imaginative creating needs to be vibrant and also entertaining. Program, do not tell. The viewers ought to have specific views, seems and scents in their minds-eye as they review your writing.

27 Read your exercise loud. You’ll hear errors quicker than you’ll see them.

28 Judging a personality is complex: examine what they say, what they do, exactly how they look, what they believe and also feel as well as other individuals’s point of views of them. Don’t take them at their word– characters usually lie, to themselves and also others.

29Learn to mean the word personality. There’s just one “h” and it goes to the start.

30Structure your solutions. Stream-of-consciousness style answers seldom accomplish a great grade, particularly if you obtain stuck exploring one factor in excessive detail.

31 Essays on examined texts must make use of a formal style. Points must be supported with pertinent and also precise quotes.

32 Know your solitary text effectively, inside out. Whether you’re utilizing reference or quotation to sustain your answer, you need to recognize the message carefully.

33 In the relative study, you should ask yourself “what’s this text everything about?”. When you make a listing with that said heading for all 3 messages, you can more clearly see what they have in common. You after that require to discover key minutes in each to support your comparisons. And also you ought to be contrasting them all the time.

34 You have about a hr per area in the examination. Lots of people will certainly write between 7 and also 10 paragraphs. Time on your own and compose three paragraphs in 20 mins awhile of bite-sized prep work if you’re pressed for time.

35 Do not pay attention to the verse pointers. Prepare your much-loved poets well and also you will certainly be compensated. The even more you need to state about a poet’s work the far better, so have a sight which you can back up by referencing the poet’s job.


36 Practising past examination documents is a very fundamental part of creating great test strategy. Beginning currently if you haven’t currently.

37 You have to know the proofs and theories as well as the explanation of the vocabulary used.

38 Use the official noting plans. They frequently show greater than one acceptable method of addressing an inquiry. The noting plans also show you exactly how marks were alloted by the examiners across all parts of all concerns in previous tests, but there’s no real requirement for you to analyse this. It is not feasible to forecast the allocation of marks within a question– the allotment can differ hugely and in unanticipated methods.

39 Intend you decide to give five hours a week to mathematics, a practical quantity at this stage of the year. Break this up into five 35 minutes ports each week-night providing you practically two hrs at weekend.

40 Mathematics is the only Leaving Cert subject without a selection on the paper. As a result you need to stay up to date with the product covered in course.

41 Weekend research study preferably must be used for trying inquiries from previous documents and example documents. It is important to understand the precise set up of your exam, how many concerns, the phrasing utilized, etc. Time on your own to get utilized to the time restrictions.

42 The job maths noting plan is rather various from the marking system used in the past. There are five noting ranges, with up to six groups per marking scale. It’s a great deal extra challenging than the previous system.

43 Begin with your much-loved concern. It will certainly assist settle your nerves on test day. Certainly if you like a consecutive method, do that.

44 It sounds obvious however obtain used to reading concerns thoroughly. Make certain you’re not missing any kind of information.

45 It is essential to practise and also fit with the essentials prior to attempting the new word issues in mathematics. These questions need to be read very carefully. Try to recognize the problem. Look at the info offered. Take down all the quantities offered and also what is being sought, ie, converting the English words into mathematical sentences. Often there is an equation that connects the data you have with the data you call for.

46 Occasionally you believe you understand a topic, but along comes a question which can be phrased in a way you have actually never ever seen prior to. Do not let this throw you. The even more method you have from taking on various questions, the more confident you will come to be when you deal with a weird looking inquiry.

47 If stuck, do not seek out the solution too rapidly. You will certainly typically discover more by tackling it on your own for some time, even if you need to read the service ultimately.

48 Program all functions within your answer– do refrain rough-work on a different web page. Don’t utilize Tippex, rather erase any mistakes with a single line. You could get marks for the work you have actually crossed out, but not if it’s Tippexed. Additionally, if you solve an issue making use of a calculator, draw up some or every one of the steps taken. Do not just give the response. This is to guarantee you obtain marks even if you make a slip.

49 Drawing a layout and even a fundamental illustration can frequently be extremely helpful to get started in taking on a question, and may gain marks for you.

50 Get knowledgeable about your solutions as well as tables pamphlet. It supplies a lot of helpful info. Utilize it.


51 Homework is actually research study. It is evaluating on what was taught on that day in the classroom and also is generally, directly based upon a test question: ie, verse inquiries or a léamhthuiscint or a character from a prós tale.

52 Pupils commonly go residence as well as find out an educator’s responses on either filiocht or prós off by heart. You don’t need to do this. You need to possibly research just how the question is opened– the structure of the response– watching on relevant quotations used.

53 In the filiocht areas, if you can equate the rhyme you have essentially every answer needed on the day as all verse will certainly be printed on the real exam paper. The only areas that should be discovered off by heart are the grammatic terms that will be asked in question 6A in the léamhthuiscint area– terms such as aimsigh and so forth.

54 Previous test documents are important. They show the design of the real test and just how inquiries may be subdivided in various areas. It is great practice to research a specific topic and after that do out exam questions, keeping an eye on time restraints and also sticking strictly to them.

55 Maintain re-reading the question over and over to guarantee you are in fact answering the question asked. No marks will be awarded for info that is not appropriate. In the filiocht area, if you are asked on motif, just on theme as well as not feelings or feelings.

56 At this stage, you will certainly have finished your mock examinations as well as will have endured 2 full documents in Irish. Whatever mistakes you may have made, will certainly not be repeated in June. Bear in mind, you will certainly constantly find out by your mistakes. If you lacked time in Paper 2– a long paper– you will certainly require to change the length of time you invest in the various sections.

57 Don’t neglect the relevance of the oral Irish evaluation which lugs 40 per cent of the overall exam mark. Know the picture sequences well as there are 80 marks going with this section. Technique asking inquiries. Trainees are normally better at answering questions than asking them. Additionally practise reading the poetry on a daily basis– with 35 marks for reviewing a simple 10-12 lines it is worth much more that the entire poetry or prose program.


Dental examination

58Remember that this is a conversation, not an interview. The supervisor exists to help you reach your greatest capacity.

59Marks are granted for structure, interaction, vocabulary as well as pronunciation, and also vocabulary is really just how you expression your reactions. Do not use vernacular terms too much. Rich vocabulary is all about utilizing a different way to claim something.

60 Pronunciation is really vital as well as accounts for 20 per cent of the exam Pay attention to French, German or Spanish radio and also document yourself to best your accent.

61Try spending 10-15 mins a day on your oral job. When you have actually found out a topic, method it aloud by yourself. When you are much more confident, practise with a pal or a loved one.

Acoustic examination.

62 Ask your teacher to examine you on previous aurals from years back regarding the early 1990s if possible. Listen to your very own CDs as well as downloads.

63Log on Google.fr for French, Google.de for German or Google.es for Spanish as well as search YouTube for clips in your chosen language. Even if you don’t understand every word, your ear will end up being familiar with it.

64 For French, log onto tf1.fr and pay attention to Le Journal de 13h or 20h, a preferred information channel on French TV. You can likewise listen to French information on rfi.fr and radiofrance.fr.

General language recommendations

65Do not learn off large long essays on every topic. You will certainly obtain bogged down and become disheartened. Create three factors on each topic as well as learn about 20 words of vocabulary. See to it you have suitable sentences to begin as well as end a written piece.

66 Do not make use of Google translate as it converts essentially as well as does not take context into factor to consider. Wordreference.com is an exceptional translation website. It will just translate one word at once, so it can be frustrating but there are interesting aid discussion forums on the website.

67Familiarise on your own with the method questions are asked at the end of each analysis comprehension.

68 Do not be tempted to learn off opinion items by heart. It is not likely that the piece that you will certainly have found out will certainly answer the concern given in the paper. You will certainly be greatly penalised if you do not address the concern, even if the language that you have utilized is correct. Rather, develop your vocabulary for the different subjects on the curriculum and also practice with previous or simulated evaluation documents.

69Check out @PetitTweetCork for tweets in French to aid LC pupils in preparation for French exam. @NatashaLynchEF


70 It is best to invest thirty minutes at one time examining biology. Take a short, five-minute break after thirty minutes and afterwards move on to the next topic.

71Try to spend regarding 4 30 minute sessions per week dedicated to answering previous documents. These could vary over the short questions in area A, the speculative concerns in section B and the lengthy questions in area C.

72About 25 percent of the marks are obtained from recognizing your interpretations. These should be discovered off by heart.
73 Between 15 and 30 per cent of the marks are acquired from the experiments. As there are just 22 experiments, it is feasible to cover one experiment daily over the course of a month. When learning the experiments you need to understand the steps taken and the reason for taking each step.

74Up to Easter, your research should range over the whole program. From Easter, concentrate on particular topics. These are the topics that turn up each year in addition to any kind of topics that are more probable to come up this year.


75Know what is involved: time– the geography paper is 2 hours and 50 minutes long; framework– five full questions need to be responded to. All inquiries equivalent 80 marks.

76Plan your research. At least 80 per cent of your time will be spent on study so it is crucial you acquire the abilities to study efficiently.

77 Plan reasonable targets which you can accomplish in each research session, eg, draw up 15 substantial relevant factors (SRPs) on your chosen subject.

78Focus on topics that are taken a look at every year. These consist of: core system 1– landform growth; plate tectonics; human communication; core system 2– economic tasks in an Irish region; financial tasks in a European area; financial activities in a continental/sub-continental area; financial elective– impact of EU policies on Ireland; multinational firms.

79When you review your notes, choose the keywords or phrases which will certainly aid you to remember what the topic is about.

80 Make a subject summary by positioning the core theme or subject title in the centre then attract lines from the centre and write sub-themes at the end of the lines. Along each line, create the keywords or phrases linked to the sub-theme.

81 Cover all the major subjects. Don’t try to anticipate what will be checked out. Rather, practise answering examination concerns from previous papers. Time on your own and see if you can compose an answer while which the examination will certainly enable you.

82Remember that the 30-mark parts of the question must have 15 SRPs


83 The usual keywords are: “make up”– clarify and provide factors; “compare”– mention resemblances and differences; “contrast”– point out the primary differences; “explain”– state the apparent; “clarify”– write out the key points and also create a description.


84Spend at the very least an hour-and-a-half on service revision every second night. So three or 4 one-and-a-half hours research study sessions weekly.

85The applied service inquiry (ABQ) gets on a five-year cycle, so the ABQs of 2008 and 2003 will be structured identically to 2013 and these ABQs need to be practised initially, before any other year.

86 Long inquiry method: 25-mark concerns– spend 10 minutes on them; 20-mark questions– spend eight mins on them. 20-mark inquiries are the most usual and trainees incorrectly invest 10 minutes on them, which soon accumulates to a lot of 2 mins’s lost throughout the examination; 15-mark concern– spend 6 mins.

87The two most prominent verbs are “illustrate” and also “examine”. Yet with our above structure we immediately deal with these verbs. The example take care of show as well as the trainee can make use of the advantage or drawback as their individual opinion by putting “in my opinion” ahead or their advantage or drawback. This is exceptional as it is an authentic opinion not rote picked up from a book.

88 ABQ– you have 45 minutes to address this section. It is important to practice it as it takes most pupils over a hr to do this concern. However after five or six ABQs the rate naturally establishes. If you do not practise the ABQ, you will certainly not get it carried out in under an hour in the Leaving Cert– major mistake.You should be doing a minimum of one ABQ weekly from now up until the exam.

89 The long concern can typically consist of one sentence, but there are two components to be dealt with to correctly address the concern. The lengthy inquiry may likewise have a narrative as an introduction, if so pupils need to refer to the narrative in their response or marks will certainly be shed.


90By currently you need to be ended up, or nearing the conclusion of your unique research study. Look into the needs for length, resources as well as history info, as well as keep in mind someone will certainly be reading 300 of these over a couple of weeks in the summer season, so make it memorable.

91 Every subject will have information that are vital eg, terms such as fascism, sectarianism, ecumenism. Make certain you know crucial dates as well as what order occasions occurred. It resembles telling a story. Do not omit the crucial little bits and it’s not extremely interesting if you inform it in the wrong order.

92 Don’t consider learning off essays. It would be excellent if you obtain the precise phrasing in your exam inquiries but it’s not likely to happen, so consider moveable info that you can make use of to answer any kind of inquiry. Practise composing a factor per paragraph; bear in mind the solution is significant mostly paragraph by paragraph and if your work is arranged and thoughtful, you’ll do well.

93 Keep in mind, honours background is not concerning composing all you find out about a topic. It is about finding out to make web links to the question you are answering with the info you understand. For instance, an inquiry on the variables that led to the development of fascism is not compose all you understand about fascism: you should isolate what caused its surge such as instability after the second World War, the economic circumstance, threat of communism and so on 94Look at your documents: several students concern this inquiry as a rule however knowing the subject, and how to manage written as well as aesthetic sources can be worth an added grade.

95Don’ t fail to remember to modify your mandatory case studies. There are just 3, so make sure you recognize enough to write a mini-essay of two-and-a half pages in order to respond to the contextualisation part of the question.

Home Economics

96The home economics program is massive. Simplify. Have a timetable, and take it one day or week each time.

97Do 3 or 4 short questions every evening. Every one deserves six marks– that’s 1.5 per cent of your total mark. Utilize your textbook to answer them, so you build up a bank of exact details in your head.

98 Method concern 1 (a) in area B. You will have to analyse a chart or a graph in this inquiry. It does not appear in any textbook. You require to be aware of it.

99 Read one examination concern each evening. Highlight vital terms. What is being asked? Take a look at the marking system. Just how are marks distributed? Lots of students have the best info however lose marks since they do not know their noting plan.

100Know all the topics in your optional. Part (a) is obligatory. If you cut edges, you may get captured out.

Likewise try using some mobile apps to assist yyou remain cooncetrated.

Apps to assist concentration
The very best focus apps can assist you get involved in the best psychological area for taking in info. This category takes a look at applications that maintain you from obtaining sidetracked (e.g. with white noise or by obstructing various other applications).

1. Forest
Woodland App
Some of us require a little exterior motivation to remain focused while studying. And that’s fine.

The Forest app provides an aesthetic reward by letting you grow a digital tree and afterwards generally holding that tree captive till your study session is over.

Intend to examine your Instagram momentarily? Tempted to do a fast online store between book phases? Proceed. You’ll simply need to involve tranquility with viewing your tree wither and pass away initially.

Yet if you adhere to your focus time, you’ll appreciate viewing your trees thrive. Over a number of research sessions, you can develop a fascinating electronic forest– a positive suggestion of all your efficient hrs.

Benefit: The Woodland app is a partner of Trees for the Future. This organisation plants genuine trees in behalf of the digital ones that pro individuals grow (over 1 million trees as well as checking). So, utilizing this application to obstruct other applications while studying can assist the setting along with your grades. Not bad in any way.

Available on: iphone, Android, Chrome
Typical rating: 4.8/ 5 on Application Shop, 4.8/ 5 on Google Play
Expense: $2.99 on App Store, Free (with advertisements) on Google Play– in-app acquisitions offered on all tools
2. Liberty
Liberty application to obstruct applications while examining
Freedom is an app that locks your phone while researching (or any other time you require to focus). Flag the apps and/or websites that distract you, and Liberty will obstruct them– terrific if the self-motivated applications like Woodland do not rather suffice for you. You can establish an arranged session in advance or start some ‘Freedom time’ whenever you need it.

Flexibility obstructs time-wasting applications as well as internet sites across all your devices, so your iPad will not attract you away while you’re researching on your MacBook.

Did you know? A lot of smartphones have integrated devices for tracking screen time and also establishing restrictions. They could not be as fancy as Forest and Freedom, yet they can get the job done in a pinch. Search for ‘Screen Time’ (iphone) or ‘Digital Well-being’ (Android) to discover your alternatives.

Readily available on: iphone, Android, Mac, Windows, Chrome
Average rating: 3.2/ 5 on App Shop, 3.9/ 5 on Google Play
Cost: Free for standard functions, premium registration available ($ 30/year).
Keep in mind: Please inspect your institution’s policy prior to downloading this or any kind of application to your institution computer.
3. White Noise Lite.
White Noise app to assist concentration.
Silence can be deafening when you’re trying to concentrate, however your favourite songs might not aid a lot either. There’s nothing quite like ending up an important note only to know you started creating verses midway with the sentence (thanks a great deal, Billie).

A little bit of white noise can assist you focus without attracting excessive interest to itself. The White Noise Lite application allows you develop personalized soundscapes to fit your preferences with a variety of audios consisting of beach waves, breezes, camp fires, chimes, rain, running water and also a vacuum cleaner (hello, if that’s what gets you in the state of mind for research, you do you).

Evacuating the textbooks for the night? Change from your studying mix to your snoozing mix for a relaxing rest.

Offered on: iphone, Android, Mac, Windows, Chrome.
Ordinary score: 4.7/ 5 on Application Shop, 4.6/ 5 on Google Play.
Price: Free for lite version, $1.49 for complete version (no advertisements).
Keep in mind: Please examine your school’s policy prior to downloading this or any application to your institution computer system.
Productivity apps for trainees.
Alright, so you’ve got disturbances out of the way as well as some history seems on loophole. Currently let’s discuss some excellent applications for students that will certainly assist you obtain the most out of your research study time. The next 2 research apps help you organise your timetable and also remain on top of projects so you can accomplish more as well as pack less.

4. Todoist.
Todoist app.
Todoist can organise your institution subjects, job due dates, research and … virtually your entire life, if you want it to. This is just one of the very best apps for students because it keeps your schoolwork on track while likewise holding you answerable.

The Todoist app supplies handy functions consisting of:.

repeating due days (great for regular research).
fast include (add new tasks as well as jobs on the move).
favourites and top priorities (flag the topics you need to focus on).
areas and subtasks (divide intimidating jobs right into tiny, straightforward actions).
combinations with various other applications (e.g. Google Calendar as well as Dropbox).
With all your jobs and also due days maintained neatly in Todoist– rather than floating around in your head– you’ll be free to concentrate on your studies.

Offered on: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows.
Average score: 4.7/ 5 on Application Shop, 4.5/ 5 on Google Play.
Price: Free for standard, $4.99/ year for premium (extra functions, no ads).
Keep in mind: Please inspect your institution’s policy prior to downloading this or any kind of application to your college computer system.

So now you have an excaustive listing of tips and some mobile apps on what to do to do well in college entrance tests (Πανελλήνιες 2022) as well as to succeed in any kind of type of exams like for a job in the general public sector (ασεπ). Research study, work hard and do well otherwise you will rely on state allocations (Οπεκα) which are very reduced.